Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What I'm Reading NOW: 11 Qualities of the Ultimate Yoga Instructor

Took a little break from blogging... it is hard work to keep on keeping on. There are so many awesome things out there to read and absorb and filter on down to my blog and classes and workshops. Some days I am just overwhelmed. But in a good way. I read this posting and it rings very true to me. I believe there are many amazing instructors and mentors out there and have often pondered about what makes one suited to teach, let alone be an awesome teacher. The most important one, to me is: Be TRUE to yourself, your nature. When you teach and guide from a place of truth and authenticity I believe that you convey what you would like to. Another important quality is humility. And kindness. To oneself and one's students. And a curiosity, and desire to delve deeper into yoga and how it affects us truly in all aspects of our lives.... but I think you should read the posting that I read on MindBodyGreen:

11 Qualities of the Ultimate Yoga Instructor

And do let me know what you think... I LIKE feedback... Really and Truly!

Happy April, sunshine-y day.