Some of my Favorite Websites and Blogs:

  • My NEW FAVE FOOD blog... the recipes are tasty vegan (REALLY!), the photos yummy (helps to know if you are on the right track) and and I really like her musings on life in general: Oh She Glows. I recently made the wheat thins and LOVED them...
  • My friend Tish Berman's Blog: Baby Temple She is also a nutritionist and holistic health coach. You can learn more about her work at:
  • I read Yoga Journal, both the print & online editions and learn something every time. 
  • Love Michelle Myhre's blog, The Devil Wears Prana! Thanks for adding me on your blogroll.
  • Tao Porchon-Lynch is one amazing yogi... still practicing and teaching at 92! What an inspiration. 
  • Our sailing blog: S/V Aquarius. We spent time cruising the Pacific Northwest and down the West Coast and Mexico's Baja Peninsula... fun times!
  • Yoga in my School Just found this great website and am thrilled at the prospect of school kids getting involved in yoga... not only for physical but also for the mental benefits!
  • The name of this site cracks me up, but the content keeps me coming back for more! YogaDork
  • Another fellow Canadian... Five-Minute Yoga  - We all rock.
  • spoiledyogi - Erica Rodefer is a writer and yoga teacher, as well as the former online editor for Yoga Journal magazine
  • This one has just drawn me in and I am enjoying it a lot - Daily Downward Dog
  • Nikki is one awesome, fit SUPer: NRG Lifestyle Fitness Training
  • Check this site out: Our Little Planet. This is a group that our friend Rich is onvolved in... you can read his blog here: Little Planet Summer Camp.