Monday, February 20, 2012

Busy, Busy and more Busy!

Well, 2012 has started off with a BANG. Hard to believe it is already the 20th of February. We have been busy with our new company, PocketFuel and I have had less time to devote to yoga, apart from teaching. I do miss being able to catch up on all the blogs and videos and books but this is an exciting time for our new venture and I am truly "in the moment" of it all. We had a KickStarter campaign at the end of December until mid January and just got out all the packages of our product to our backers.... after manufacturing more blends. It is truly rewarding to see something go from concept to consumer and to see the fruits of your labour. Truly something different than teaching yoga. And I can tell you that I have NEEDED and APPRECIATED teaching the classes I am fortunate to teach over the last few months! Keeps me sane, balanced and connected to my peeps. :) I do believe that I have started to understand my yoga better now that I have so many things going on OUTside of yoga. I have really begun to take my practice "off the mat" when I've needed it most.

However, I do miss carving out the time for a personal practice and that is one of my goals for the next months. That and so make some new yoga play-lists... I do so love my music. In the meantime, I have announced to some of my classes that it will be "March-Madness" next month and I will take music requests and play some different music, especially if my students bring some in to class! I think a dose of the unexpected keeps us all humble.

Carpe Diem!
and Namaste....