Thursday, September 30, 2010

Precious Days of Sunshine and Warmth

The weather these last few days have been incredible. We are being bathed in sunshine and warmth and the whole Columbia River Gorge looks beautiful; people are smiling and getting out to play whenever they can. I was out SUPing with good friends and enjoying our inspiring environment....

My son, Matt, came out with me to take photos of me practicing yoga down by the water. Some of the results will be on this blog and later on my website. It helped me to do that "photo shoot".... ohhh, that sounds so professional! I am starting to formulate my mission statement... my yoga business plan so to speak.

I so love practicing yoga, and even more, being someone who brings yoga to people. I love seeing how students start their yoga journey, how their bodies and minds change. It is inspiring to me to watch that transformation and I want to experience that more. One on one sessions, or small groups are powerful and each and every session is different.

Stay tuned for more of a concrete plan of action! The ideas are flowing and I am excited!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Shift in Perspective

Just home from teaching the 2nd in a pair of yoga classes for high school students.... interesting how it took me only one class to get into the rhythm of things! Quite a different atmosphere than that of your typical yoga class ;) No hush-hush here!

Teenagers are great and it is the ones that I least expected to that seemed to get the most out of practice today. If I imparted only a bit of the essence of yoga to them, I will have done my job. Seemed to me they needed a little bit of relaxation & centering (amidst the noise of the school) but also a little bit of a challenge (can you say Plank?) to keep them engaged and amused (Tree was enough to reduce us all to laughter). At least I hope some of them will want to take a class again sometime.

Hey, at least they said Namaste and Thanks....

Friday, September 24, 2010

Remote Posting

OK, I have decided that I must be really organized and able to remote post via e-mail AND via mobile phone. SO this is an attempt at e-mail posting. Mobile up next time.

This morning’s run was great... I’m only at 3 miles, but they feel good and I know I can up my pace. The whole thing feels like mediation in motion. I listen to my tunes and feel awesome as I glide through the run. (Bollywood makes it fun to run, rock makes it... well darn fun to run!)

Made me start thinking about how mediation in motion can arise in anything we do from folding laundry (seems I do a lot of that) to driving our car to teaching a really neat yoga class or competing in a triathlon (not yet). When all of the pieces of the puzzle seem to fit effortlessly into place and we find that spot where we feel.... just right.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Train Has Left the Station....

Well, once you make up your mind to do something, it is amazing how the ideas start flowing. I am writing and making notes all day and wish I had a way of making more notes in the shower and in my sleep! Next comes the task of looking at all those ideas, deciding what I really have a passion for and then fleshing out the ideas! Private sessions, workshops, corporate classes.... and more.

I really needed my yoga practice tonight and was happy that my students seemed in the same frame of mind... needing a mindful, restorative yet challenging practice. We did a "slow-flow" and took our time both transitioning and settling into each pose... feeling and being in the moment. Savasana felt SO good!

Ahhhh, now back to the buzzing in my mind... the ideas are piling up. I feel like I need to sculpt and mold them...

Piece of cake.... :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Just DIVE in, the water's fine....

Well, I have decided I need to take a leap. As I am so fond of saying: do something everyday that scares the begeezus out of you! I have always wondered if I have it in me to keep a blog. I was never one to faithfully write in my diary... although as a teen I don't know if I would have managed to stay sane WITHout my beloved diary/poetry journal.

Posted later in the evening....
Ironically as I was talking to friends tonight (at my husband's tri-buddies BBQ - some of whom are in the pic at the right) the conversation veered towards how we approach new things... whether we dive in or test the waters first... some of us just dive in all the time, no matter what... and some of us, like me, mostly test the waters first and if it seems nice, ease into it. But sometimes... we just dive in! So here I go....