Thursday, November 17, 2011

What I'm EATING now: PocketFuel Naturals Almond Butter Blends!

Dang good stuff! You NEED to have some. OK, I have to admit I am biased; it is my husband's company but it is GOOD. It is tasty.... it is addicting. Yeah, it's also good for you. Each pouch packs a tremendous amount of nutrition.

What IS it, you ask? PocketFuel is Almond Butter blended with amazing goodness: seeds, dried fruits & honey and then packaged in re-sealable, re-useable pouches!

Take your WHOLE food (vegan & gluten-free) with you wherever you go. In the car, to work, to play.... to YOGA. I keep a pouch in my car for those days when I absolutely NEED a snack on the way from one thing to another. Stops me from munching on junk food, keeps my energy level high... Feeds my body with all the protein, vitamins & minerals as well as good fats. And for me, the pouch is the BEST. I don't eat a whole lot all at once and this way I can squeeze out what I want and save the rest for later....

Check out the website, like us on FaceBook and best of all: order some today and tell us how much you like it!

Use PocketFuel to power up your day!

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