Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Breath of Fresh Air...

What a wonderful class today! Thank you to all who were there. This is why I love to teach... when I look around the room at my fellow yogis of all types that are doing what they need to do to get into a pose and find that balance between effort and ease. Allowing the breath to guide them into and out of poses and to help them find that sweet spot. Ahhhh, love it.

Well, it also helps that the sun is shining brightly!

But this class did help me firm up my resolve and intention to bring more pranayama practice into class. We did some breath awareness (as always) to understand the importance and different qualities of our inhales and exhales. How does our inhale make us feel? How does it change the body? And the same with the exhale. We then branched out to alternate nostril breathing and next week we will explore more breathing techniques. Learning to listen to our breath to understand ourselves a little better....

I am really looking forward to sharing!


  1. Good for you Heidi - love it that you are brining more pranayama into your classes. I'm reading the Science of Breath right now by Swami Rama - and looking forward to learning even more about it.

  2. Hi Maria, thanks so much for reading my blog. I LOVE your blog. I find myself coming back to breath again and again and finally feel confident enough to expand on it in my teaching. So far this week the feedback is great and we will keep on exploring pranayama...