Friday, January 28, 2011

What I'm Reading: Runner's World Newsletter

As I continue to run and feel more and more comfortable and strong I have begun reading Runner's World online. This particular posting struck a chord with me and I have been sharing it with friends:

The Magic of Running Mantras From Runner's World

I find myself using mantras, not only when running, but when I do other physical activities and also what I do things like... vacuuming (anything to get that carpet clean;) ), or even driving long stretches on the highway. At times also when I practice asana as it has a meditative quality.

Last summer, after the news of an old friend's cycling accident had gone from the initial accident and trauma to the long, long road of recovery, I started appreciating anew what I CAN do. I began offering up the energy of, not only my yoga practice, but also my paddling and cycling and running to her. as I approached the last leg of one particularly taxing SUP race, I kept saying:

For you Peg, because I CAN, I DO.

That was my mantra that day.

What mantras do you use, and when?

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