Sunday, May 22, 2011

What I'm Reading Now: The Pragmatic Yogi - Do Not Shoulder the Burden!

Over the past little while I've been dealing with some shoulder pain... probably due to how I practice yoga when I teach. Looking over at students while in poses, jumping in and out of said poses to go over to a student and then showing modifications on the fly. Note to self: listen to myself a little more and move MINDFULLY from pose to pose. AND read the following blog postings another time!

I love yoga and that is what keeps me balanced in many areas of my life. I also love stand up paddling and that means I really need to have a strong upper body, especially shoulders. When we paddlie a lot and especially over long distances (like when I race) and when we are fatigued we rely on brute strength, on our joints to get us through. Last year I worked a lot on core strength and paddling from the core and not the shoulders and it really helped. But I do have the tendency to fall into old habits... ;)

Lisa, The Pragmatic Yogi refers to a couple of other blogs in this posting and I have read them (one is by a kayaker) and am making notes. Please do click on the posting and read, then let me know what you think.

The Pragmatic Yogi: Do Not Shoulder the Burden!: "Shoulder pain is a common occurrence yet can be complex in nature. It can be the result of injuries old or new, wear and tear of the glenoh..."

Happy Spring... let the sun shine!

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