Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Solstice

Just a little note to say Happy Solstice... Really just a Happy whatever it is that you celebrate. In our area, we have been so fortunate this year to have lots of sunshine during the day and clear nights (awesome stars & moon) so the shortest day of the year didn't feel as oppressive as it sometimes can. It is amazing what light does for our bodies, souls and minds...

But thinking about this time of year and what it can mean led me to something that I am focusing a lot on in classes this week: letting go of the old, or un-needed and making room for the new or needed. Letting go of old hurts, be they physical or spiritual and making room for new feelings and new experiences. We can ALL benefit from this. I know that I sometimes hold a physical "hurt" or injury and it takes a lot of conscious thought to let it go, to ease out of that scar-tissue zone and let the healing in. To let the new blood-flow and ease back in. And so it goes with the heart and with the spirit....

Namaste, my friends. Have a wonderful holiday season, hug your loved ones near and far. Appreciate each and every person for who they are; each and every day for what it is for you: a gift.

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