Thursday, September 30, 2010

Precious Days of Sunshine and Warmth

The weather these last few days have been incredible. We are being bathed in sunshine and warmth and the whole Columbia River Gorge looks beautiful; people are smiling and getting out to play whenever they can. I was out SUPing with good friends and enjoying our inspiring environment....

My son, Matt, came out with me to take photos of me practicing yoga down by the water. Some of the results will be on this blog and later on my website. It helped me to do that "photo shoot".... ohhh, that sounds so professional! I am starting to formulate my mission statement... my yoga business plan so to speak.

I so love practicing yoga, and even more, being someone who brings yoga to people. I love seeing how students start their yoga journey, how their bodies and minds change. It is inspiring to me to watch that transformation and I want to experience that more. One on one sessions, or small groups are powerful and each and every session is different.

Stay tuned for more of a concrete plan of action! The ideas are flowing and I am excited!

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