Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Shift in Perspective

Just home from teaching the 2nd in a pair of yoga classes for high school students.... interesting how it took me only one class to get into the rhythm of things! Quite a different atmosphere than that of your typical yoga class ;) No hush-hush here!

Teenagers are great and it is the ones that I least expected to that seemed to get the most out of practice today. If I imparted only a bit of the essence of yoga to them, I will have done my job. Seemed to me they needed a little bit of relaxation & centering (amidst the noise of the school) but also a little bit of a challenge (can you say Plank?) to keep them engaged and amused (Tree was enough to reduce us all to laughter). At least I hope some of them will want to take a class again sometime.

Hey, at least they said Namaste and Thanks....

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