Friday, September 24, 2010

Remote Posting

OK, I have decided that I must be really organized and able to remote post via e-mail AND via mobile phone. SO this is an attempt at e-mail posting. Mobile up next time.

This morning’s run was great... I’m only at 3 miles, but they feel good and I know I can up my pace. The whole thing feels like mediation in motion. I listen to my tunes and feel awesome as I glide through the run. (Bollywood makes it fun to run, rock makes it... well darn fun to run!)

Made me start thinking about how mediation in motion can arise in anything we do from folding laundry (seems I do a lot of that) to driving our car to teaching a really neat yoga class or competing in a triathlon (not yet). When all of the pieces of the puzzle seem to fit effortlessly into place and we find that spot where we feel.... just right.



  1. I love your meditation in motion concept. I thought I was the only one who was pensive during laundry. One day I was in tears, realizing how much laundry tells us about our loved ones: The kiddo's clothes were no longer soft, pink or blue. Now, we had sassy skirts and blownout knees. Roger's work shirts were worn and stained from his efforts to provide for us every single day. My pile was endless, because I can never figure out what to wear, so I throw it back in the folding pile while I decide. Oh, meditation in motion. :)

  2. Ahhh, how right you are... our lives are revealed through our laundry!