Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Top 10 Reasons to Practice Yoga - #8

Reason 8 is a really important one to me at this time of year... I just started the ski/snowboard season and normally my body would be so SORE after a day on the slopes... but yoga compliments the other sports that I do.

8. Cross Training

Yoga helps us supplement other physical activities and sports. We can prepare for sports as well as recover from overuse or overtraining. We can strengthen the muscles required for our sport as well as lubricate the joints to prevent injury and recover faster. Rodney Yee says:

“I was a ballet dancer and gymnast. Yoga helped me heal old injuries and prevent new ones. It helps with range of motion in every joint, and keeps the muscles supple but strong. It doesn’t just build a body for a specific activity, but brings us back into balance so our body can adapt to any movement. Yoga is cross-training.”

Many pro athletes practice yoga and know the benefits of yoga as cross training. Read Yoga Journal's article, Play At your Peak for more info about yoga cross training. on Gaiam Life, Julie Kailus wrote a great posting about the benefits of yoga as a cross training tool.

So come and cross train!

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