Monday, November 8, 2010

Top 10 Reasons to Practice Yoga - #4

Today's reason came to me as I was teaching a class...

4. Learning to embrace the Present Moment

There are certainly days when being in the present is a challenge. As a society, we are always racing, always planning... or alternately looking at the past, perhaps in ways that aren't so productive. I notice it in the way that we walk, head thrust forward, charging ahead, or at times closing the chest, protecting ourselves from the onslaught.

As I was teaching on Saturday morning, I found myself momentarily lost, not queuing the pose correctly... already on the next one, and my breathing (always my barometer) was ragged and shallow. And so I came back to my breath, back to centre and admitted it to my class, telling them that we all have to occasionally bring (drag?) ourselves back to the present moment. A laugh, a knowing gaze from some of them and I was back in the moment.

And that reminds us that we need that yoga community to help keep us in the present moment!

Namaste. I am enjoying this journey through my Top 10 List...

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