Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What's your favorite Yoga pose? What pose(s) do you avoid??

Taking a break from the Top 10 List. This topic has been percolating in my mind for the past several weeks...

What is your go-to yoga pose... the one that makes you feel good, the one that you can just settle into and know your body and mind will be at one? And on the flip side: what pose(s) do you seem to avoid? Come on, I KNOW I avoid some poses! And those are the poses that I know I need... because when I come into them, the feeling both in my body and in my mind tells me so,

As if to show me that this is the right posting for the day, I stumbled upon the following in Yoga Journal's blogs today... Read on my friends:

5 Ways to Embrace a Pose You Loathe - Yoga Blog Yoga Journal

And the more I search the Internet, the more I find things about favourite yoga poses.

On About. com: Show your Favorite Yoga Poses

And on FitSugar I found this: Readers Name Their Top 5 Yoga Poses

On Gaiam Life I read about what your favourite Yoga Pose says about you... hmmm.

Just discovered this blog and here's what Jehara had to say: 13 Favorite Yoga Poses

I really DO have some poses that I relish sinking into, settling into... Either for the relaxation or for the way my mood just soars.

Reverse Warrior AKA Exalted Warrior. This one is amazing. Everyone always looks wonderful as I scan the room when I teach a class! I also love the way I feel as I do this pose and afterwards I feel energized and happy.

Reclined Pigeon... ahhhh, need I say more? Some days it is more of a challenge to find that comfort in the hip area, but I KNOW I need this pose and that just feels right.

When I am tired and need to re-energize, I love Legs up the Wall pose... just allowing my body to settle into the floor, to feel my hips and spine release and sense the ease of blood flow in my legs.... Think I'll stop typing now and practice some yoga!

There are more... and I'll add them to my Poses Of the Moment as I find the time.

Oh, yeah, on the FLIP side... what pose(s) do I avoid? Welllll, anyone that knows me knows I am not so crazy about arm balances, although when I succeed I LOVE them. So I suppose you could say I have a LOVE/HATE relationship to Crane pose! Here is a great link to some arm balances in Yoga Journal... I now have this on my To-Do list for December...

Arm Balance Poses - Yoga Journal

Stay tuned and Thank You for reading....


  1. This is an interesting topic. I definitely look forward to some poses more than others. After some challenging Vinyasas in class, I really look forward to Child's pose! I always benefit from the way Pigeon loosens my hips, and I always enjoy the release in Upward Facing Dog. I enjoy Dancer, because I like the balancing poses and it makes me feel graceful. I also really enjoy Warrior III - Fierce Warrior, because it makes me feel powerful! One of the poses I tend to dread is the Boat. I still have lots of work to do on my core.

  2. Ahhhh, yes, BOAT... Navasana. I have now FINALLY embraced Navasana but there are days I approach it with trepidation!