Friday, November 12, 2010

Top 10 Reasons to Practice Yoga - #6

Why do I practice yoga? Sometimes life is beautifully serendipitous.... The subject of the Yoga Journal Daily Insight newsletter I received today is: Bring Balance Home... and one of the articles posted is entitled: Why Do We Practice?, written by Richard Rosen. Click on the link to read the whole piece. What really stood out to me right now was:

"... Sri Aurobindo, the great 20th-century Indian sage and progenitor of Integral Yoga, reminds us, "All life is yoga." ..."

The article goes on to say how Yoga is woven through our lives... We could seclude ourselves and ponder life but we need to LIVE and part of that is dealing with everything that life has to offer: family, friends, jobs, problems.... etc. It is in HOW we take yoga OFF the mat and into our lives that our practice becomes whole and part of our lives. Each breath and each movement becomes asana, or as I sometimes refer to it, a dance.

So reason number 6 is:

Because Life IS Yoga.



  1. This is a great reason to practice yoga! I think the main reason I practice is because of how it makes me feel in the rest of my life. I am always aware of the benefits yoga brings me in terms of happiness, emotional stability and patient kindness.

  2. La Gitane, I so agree! I feel a deep "shiny" glowing feeling after a good yoga practice. That translates to my life... I am always aware that we don't live in a vacuum, and translating my yoga practice to the "rest of my life" helps that!