Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wonderful Day

Hi All,

What a wonderful day this turned out to be... my cold (why am I calling it "my" cold?) is ALMOST gone and we had snow up at the mtn so I went skiing with my daughter, her boyfriend and a good friend of mine. It's amazing how GOOD it feels to feel... GOOD. Can never take that for granted. Any day on the mtn is a good day.

Also I am working on putting together a series of workshops and that seems to be coming together nicely... more details to follow for my gorge-area friends and fellow yogis.

I have been enjoying bringing more pranayama practice to my yoga classes and am looking to expand to the chakras next month and beyond. My pranayama practice made me think a lot more about the heart chakra... OK, maybe it was VALENTINE'S day or reading Donna Freeman's posting on elephantjournal that did that. Whatever the reason. I have also been doing a lot of heart opening and softening poses in my classes.

I took this photo yesterday afternoon from the dining room window at our house... it just looked so neat and made me feel artistic again. I have been letting that side of me... rest... for wont of a better word, for a while. I have set an intention to let it flower again.
Maybe it is that spring is in the air? The days are getting longer, albeit SLOWLY, and I see the little changes in the garden so perhaps that is feeding my creative energy.

March isn't so far away after all....


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