Tuesday, February 15, 2011

SO Stoked... YogaDork Giveaway!

So... here I sit, at home, trying to nurse my body back to health... feeling a little sorry for myself (What! How COULD I catch a nasty cold.... duh) while remarking at how our bodies just do what they need to do no matter what our minds wish when I get an email saying I'd WON something.

Yeah. Sure. But really, this is a good one. I read this great blog called YogaDork and a while back there was a contest asking us to answer the following:

Big Q – How do you keep your yoga fresh?

Here's what I wrote:

"GOOD question! How DO we keep it “new” or “fresh”… how to keep from burnout in yoga and indeed in other aspects of our lives?

I take the time to listen to what I need (as opposed to what I want)… and this is NOT always easy. Sometimes it means just going ahead and trying a new pose, a new class or teaching a new pose, technique or listening to new music. That usually triggers a response within me and I can go from there. And I love it when I SUPRISE myself and that “new” pose or challenging pose is just what I need, or the reaction from the class is: COOL! What next?

If ever I feel stale I take a day off… do something DIFFERENT and come back to yoga refreshed.

Sometimes just finding a different place to practice, whether in the same room or not is enough… and I like to shake it up a bit with my students and have us face in different directions during practice. Who says you have to do it the same all the time?

Oh, and SOMEtimes all it takes to keep things fresh and new is… a NEW OUTFIT! I think I need one.

Namaste "

Now, I don't know if it is what I wrote or luck of the draw but either way I think it is So Cool. I am so stoked and will wear my new MeSheeky outfit with PRIDE!

Keep life FRESH!
Let your heart sing EVERY day....

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