Friday, February 25, 2011

From Spoiled Yogi - What Does Your Favorite Pose Say About You?

Oh my, I FORGOT to add this blog posting! I love this blog anyway but this particular one stood out...

Spoiled Yogi: What Does Your Favorite Pose Say About You?

It is a hoot to think about your favourite pose and what it might say about you! HA! Frankly my faves change with the seasons and my moods and the mobility of my body. Not to mention the sports that I am currently doing.... for example today I was skiing and so my hips are feeling the need to open. My quads are in need of stretching... and I NEED restorative yoga. During the summer months when I am gardening, paddling and cycling and the weather is warm and sunny all the time, I have other needs.

What about YOU?? Send me a comment!


  1. Inversions and twists are my favorites for certain, although I am not sure that I agree with the spoiled yogi's analysis of what that might mean.

  2. Hey, MJ, I like the part of inversions where she writes: "If you love inversions, you might be of noble blood yourself!"
    But I love twists and balances myself... depending on the day though I may say I love standing poses! It's good to explore them all!