Friday, February 18, 2011

What I'm Reading Now: Men and Yoga: What's the Biggest Misconception?

This is a GREAT posting MindBodyGreen blog. Click on the following link to read the whole thing: Men and Yoga: What's the Biggest Misconception? - MindBodyGreen

SO the guy whose picture I have included in this posting is Michael Taylor who teaches at Strala in NYC. Here is what HE had to say about what he thinks the biggest misconceptions are:

Michael Taylor: Can I pick two? One is that yoga is weird -- for odd-balls! The other is that yoga might give a good stretch, but we need to get strength and fitness elsewhere. For the first -- yoga is a health system, designed at a time when health meant our Whole health, and when we couldn't turn to surgeons or pharmaceutical dispensaries as a last resort. So there's nothing intrinsically weird about a system that gives us self-reliance and control over our physical and psychological well-being. No doctors required. True, some of yoga's teachers over the past few decades have been a bit strange, but the system itself is very straightforward and uncomplicated. My wife (and yoga teacher!) Tara Stiles is making this very clear -- and her approach is vastly expanding yoga's reach and impact now. It's not about adopting new languages, or anyone else's religions or philosophies -- it's simply up to your own direct experience.

What do YOU think?

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