Sunday, March 13, 2011

Starting Something New

Last week was the first full week of my new classes at Samadhi in White Salmon. The first week of March I started with my new noon Gentle Yoga class and had one student... which was AWESOME. She hadn't been back to yoga in a while and needed my full attention. The following week... 7 people showed up. I am so looking forward to this class. The other class that I cam teaching at Samadhi is a Monday evening Vinyasa class, a long-term subbing gig. I love the group of people that come to that class too.

Well, actually, come to think of it, I really enjoy the people that some to ALL my classes and (cue the sappy music) really appreciate being able to teach all of them.

Here's my schedule for those who aren't on my email list and who don't always look at my News or Classes page:

My usual schedule at the Hood River Sports Club:

- Tuesdays - Slo Flow- 8:30am-9:45am –Longer held poses for a complete body workout. 1 hr 15min
- Thursdays - Restorative Flow- 5:45pm-7pm –More floor work for a complete restorative session. 1 hr 15min
- Fridays - Vinyasa Flow- noon-1pm –Fast paced class with modifications for everyone. 1 hour

Members FREE. Non-members, drop-in fee of $12/class OR 10X card for $95.-.

My new schedule at Samadhi in White Salmon:

- Mondays - Vinyasa- 6:00-7:15pm –Faster paced class for a good end of the day workout. 1 hr 15min
- Wednesdays – Gentle Yoga- noon-1pm – Gentle paced class with modifications for everyone. 1 hour

NEW to Samadhi? Your first class is FREE. After that, drop-in classes $10/ class OR 10X card /$80 with no expiration OR Unlimited Monthly classes $60

SUB Schedule:

- Tuesday, March 15th – 6:45-7:45am – Morning Yoga (for Sybil) at Hood River Sports Club

Come and join me in a class or more!

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