Friday, March 18, 2011

What I'm Reading Now: Devil Wears Prana - Owen Grady: Pure Yoga Tune-Up

I was on this blog today, reading another entry entirely when I saw this posting. The work TUNE-UP grabbed my attention immediately.

Why wouldn't our yoga practice need a tune-up every now and then? Think about it: our cars get tuneups, our furnaces get tune-ups... you get the idea. We soldier on, month after month, sometimes year after year practicing... maybe in a way that is injurious to our bodies. Even as teachers we tune in to our class so much that at times we tune OUT of our own bodies. Until something starts to hurt. Hmmm. Where's the Ahimsa in THAT? Click the link below to read the full posting and let me know what YOU think....

(photo courtesy Devil Wears Prana)

Devil Wears Prana: Owen Grady: Pure Yoga Tune-Up: "Owen Grady teaches Yoga-Tune Up..."

I also read the blog that was referenced in the Devil Wears Prana posting anad wanted to link to it here... It was a very illuminating posting for me. I love that word. ILLUMINATING. So please do click on the link and read for yourself:

James MacAdam - Confessions of a Type-A Yogi

Namaste and Happy SUPER Moon this Saturday.

Send some love and postive healing energy to Japan.

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