Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What I'm Reading Now: Love Your Lotus - Love Your Life | Practice Playlist

I'm loving this blog by Dana Flynn of Laughing Lotus Yoga Centre. First off, what a GREAT name for her yoga centre! She posts an awesome video with this blog entry. To watch it, click on the link below.

Love Your Lotus: Love Your Life Practice Playlist Yoga Blog Yoga Journal

(Photo Courtesy Yoga Journal, video screen shot)

SO what did I love so much about this particular entry other than the title? Which, BTW, I do love.

She begins the posting talking about traveling in India and marveling at the way the scenery and language changed with every mile. Marveling at how she can move her body (or make her body "travel") this way and that and the name of the asana changes with each subtle or perhaps not so subtle movement. Dana goes on to recount driving by endless fiends of mud only to finally see fields where brightly coloured lotus flower started to spring up from the mud... and then she writes:

So wake up, family, get the mud out of your eyes: You are already made up of asana! Feel the awe as you move your amazing body temple this way and that way. Here comes a field of lotuses!

I believe that the asana we practice are dances... lotus flower dances of happy movement in our bodies.

Get out and MOVE! Get out and DANCE....

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