Thursday, March 3, 2011

What I'm Reading Now: Devil Wears Prana - Teaching Yoga: The Assist

Another of my fave's is the Devil Wears Prana... and not just because of the blog name! Although I have to say that was one of the reasons I initially clicked on the link to her blog! But once there, I found so much to read and learn. So this topic is a particularly important one to me. I have been rather remiss in "getting off the mat" during class and rely mostly on verbal adjustments and assisting. For the obvious and not so obvious reasons.
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Firstly I firmly believe in self adjusting but also because when I began teaching I was just TOO SCARED to get off my mat! It was a SAFE zone! Later on as I learned to assist through training and workshops I would occasionally get off and adjust and assist but never as much as I think I should. Those darn SHOULDS coming out again. However, I believe in the process and have confidence that I am developing as I am meant to. I am adjusting and assisting newer students more often now and even more seasoned yogis when I know them well. So these blog-tips and thoughts were so timely and welcome today... and makes me want to go to the training in Palo Alto in April!

Click on the link below to read for yourself:

Devil Wears Prana: Teaching Yoga: The Assist: "The Yoga Of Touch: Physical AdjustmentsPure Yoga Teacher Training in Palo alto begins April 1st! To touch, or not to touch… There ..."

This is part of what I posted as a comment:

.... I generally feel most comfortable guiding my students through adjustments and refinements verbally or by setting up my pose next to them and mirroring. I will physically adjust or assist the new yogi that may be processing the pose in a way that is potentially opening themselves up to injury. Self adjusting is so important, ensuring that we become confident in our own bodies. That being said. easing someone or adjusting or assisting the confident yogi can be awesome. I know I appreciate it when I get these helps. As I become more confident in my abilities I do assist more but ONLY if the student so desires. Thanks again for your tips and insight.

So, those who come to my classes, let me know if you'd like me to assist and adjust you in class...


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  1. Thanks! I appreciate the love. It's always a sweet surprise to find a post like this.


    Michelle - Devil Wears Prana